Kolyma V.I.P.

KolymaNET Special Access Features

Kolyma.org VIP Code


  1. Bypass Captcha on all sites
  2. Removal of advertisements
  3. Overseas access (bypass rangeblocks)
  4. Removal of posting cooldowns
  5. Special capcode on KolymaBBS
Support the Kolyma Network!

The profits of the VIP code go directly towards funding the costs of running the network. Not only does the code benefit you, but there is mutual benefit in the fact that our servers will run faster.


Или эквивалентный обмен в BTC.


Or an equivalent exchange in BTC.

Please read thoroughly

Follow these steps

  1. Click the paypal button below, confirm the payment.
  2. Email VIP@kolyma.org - be sure to use the same email you payed with
  3. Write a message, any will do.
  4. Wait. Maximum wait time of 24 hours.
  5. You will recieve a 6 digit PIN code, please put this in the "PIN" field to bypass captcha and cooldowns.

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